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Water Service & Environmental Protection

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Based on the investment in and operation of water supply assets, we will thoroughly cultivate the water supply industry chain to develop a major environmental protection industry, and thereby gradually develop into an integrated service provider in the industry.


By integrating environmentally-friendly water supply technology and new energy technology, we will become an advocate for new technology in the environmental protection field and a leading comprehensive urban environmental service provider. This will establish an environmental service brand of the Goldwind group of companies.

Technological Innovation

Goldwind Environmental Protection adheres to a green, low-carbon, and environment-friendly development philosophy and makes full use of the advanced technologies and wealth of experience Goldwind has accumulated in the fields of new energy, energy networks, and IoT. Following the principles of Sustainability for smart, green waterworks, Goldwind Environmental Protection used energy efficiency technology, Internet+ technology, and new energy applications to construct an intelligent waterworks demonstration project in Cao county, Shandong. This project includes an Internet of energy for all plant equipment, an IoT platform for all waterworks processes, and a distributed smart PV microgrid. This project is the first of its kind in China. Goldwind Environmental Protection will promote its "new energy, energy network, and IoT" business model to other waterworks and develop an exclusive set of technologies and features.

Membrane Treatment

Goldwind Environmental Protection has partnered with Singapore's NanoSun Pte. Ltd. to jointly establish Nazhong Environmental Science and Technology Co. Ltd. in order to enter the Chinese membrane water treatment market. This company will undertake wastewater treatment (printing and dyeing) projects, EPC, project design, project construction, system commissioning, technical support, customer tracking, system maintenance, troubleshooting, and other services in the Chinese market.

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