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PMDDWind Turbine Platform


Turbine Features

  • Optimizingwind farm planning and design
    Our platform-based product portfolio has models suitable for the needs of global offshore wind farms.
    The flexible power adjustment design satisfies customized power level selection.
    Lower wake loss results in increased generation capacity.
    Smaller sea occupation area reduces investment costs.
  • Reducingwind farm construction costs
    Fewer turbine sites.
    Integrated support structure design combined with advanced load reduction technology.
    Integrated hoisting of the bottom section of the tower (including electrical system) and the head (nacelle, blade, generator).
    Single-blade hoisting technology.
    Offshore project construction management and dispatching system, combined with a hydro-meteorological forecasting system, achieves optimized arrangement of staff, equipment, and materials.
  • Ensuringwindfarm operations efficiency and stability
    POWERNEST™- Goldwind's wind farm cluster control system.
    Big data analysis and status monitoring system automatically optimize turbine control parameters, reduce machine loads, and increase generation capacity.
    The patented offshore turbine-integrated environmental control technology provides turbines with comprehensive protection.
    The extendible nacelle helicopter hover platform provides additional means of O&M transport.
    Online monitoring, fault prediction and pre-diagnosis help scientifically plan O&M work and improve efficiency.

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